What about Physical Therapists and Naturopaths, can’t they do “physical manipulation”?

If your buddy decides to put you on the kitchen table and walk on your spine, that is technically “physical manipulation”, but it is unlikely that this abusive action is going to help you, in fact it might even cause you unrepairable spinal and brain damage. 

Because of the irrefutable successes of chiropractic work, physical therapists are lobbying for the right to do “physical manipulation” and that Naturopaths already have the ability to do “physical manipulation”. But it is not possible to learn in a weekend seminar or a semester class the same techniques, abilities, and skill that Chiropractors have after 4-5 years of study and practice before they are able to graduate and become a doctor. Getting physical manipulation from anyone else than a Chiropractor may not be any better than having your buddy jump up and down on your back as you lay on the kitchen table.

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