The Country Clinic Difference


Recently, we had two of our patients (one in their sixties, the other in their seventies) come and share with us the following story. They were spending a weekend by the sea. While they were out walking on the beach, unbeknownst to them, an unusually large wave was developing. As soon as they noticed it, it was almost too late! They quickly ran about 30 feet up a sand escape the crashing of the wave. Within seconds, that wave crashed right where they had been walking and everything on the beach was swept out to sea.  

They told us this story with tears in their eyes because when they had come into our office 18 years ago, they had had serious health problems. The type of health problems that would have kept them from being able to run up a sand dune and out of danger. It was only because they had their health that they were able to survive such an event. 

This is the type of work we do at Country Chiropractic Clinic.

Our difference is in the stories our patients tell and in the results that walk out of our door on a daily basis. Our difference is in the care we provide.

Every Monday night we offer a free educational class at 6:05PM. Anyone is welcome to walk through the doors and attend this thirty minute class. We invite you to come see for yourself what we are about and what the Country Clinic difference truly is and how you might benefit.

... because what happens within these walls, changes lives.

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