What People Are Saying...

  • I had a tumor the size of a grapefruit. The M.D's wanted to just cut it out. The Doctors at The Country Clinic told me they thought they could help. They proceeded to help me change my diet and provided me with the tools that I needed in order to be able to have a 100% recovery - proper..." Read more

  • “I heard about Country Chiropractic Clinic from some co-workers. I have had problems with my back since I was a teenager. I don’t recall any specific injury to my back, and I don’t remember having problems lifting things. I do pretty much anything I really want to do, but I have always had a hard..." Read more

  • “For the past ten years I have painfully limped along because of an accident which happened 27 years ago. My ankle was badly shattered and my broken leg required five steel pins, as well as a broken heel on the other foot. A friend urged me to go to Country Clinic, as she had received excellent..." Read more

  • “My experience started with an emergency appointment with Dr. Martin after falling from a ladder. I have had occasion to utilize the Country Chiropractic Clinic services since, in about 1998 and again from about October 2007 and continuing to this date. The pain in my lower back and a stiff..." Read more

  • “Ember got her first kidney infection when she was six weeks old. She was hospitalized for three days. After that first infection when we discovered a problem, we started taking her for daily adjustments at Country Chiropractic Clinic. At 11 weeks old, they discovered grade 5 vesicoureteral..." Read more

  • This is the absolute BEST place for health care. The entire staff exudes sincere interest in optimal health. The doctors are extremely knowledgeable in holistic health care and offer healing for those who will follow their advise for treatment. There is a difference between relief and healing..." Read more

  • I was scheduled to have my small kidney removed on February 21st, and I came to see them in December. I began receiving treatments because I was having overwhelming pain in my right kidney. They have fixed me, and it is now two years later, and I am pain-free, I still have my kidney, and I have not..." Read more

  • I'm a walker, and suddenly I realized my hips and thighs were hurting, and I thought, I couldn't walk anymore. I went to the Country Chiropractic Clinic, and I asked them to check my feet. I've got to tell you, that's the best move I made because Dr. Nick told me to try their..." Read more

  • I was told that I would have to get another back surgery and that there was no hope for a herniated disc. I was diagnosed with arthritis of the spine, and degenerative bone disease (Osteoarthritis). I asked if there was anything I could to by changing my lifestyle and my diet, and they said there..." Read more

  • I woke up this morning and got out of bed, and nothing hurt. I do not hurt for the first time in three months. My cholesterol is below two-hundred, for the first time in my life. Everything else is great! Who do I have to thank for all of this? The Country Chiropractic Clinic! I have also been..." Read more