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  • I'm a walker, and suddenly I realized my hips and thighs were hurting, and I thought, I couldn't walk anymore. I went to the Country Chiropractic Clinic, and I asked them to check my feet. I've got to tell you, that's the best move I made because Dr. Nick told me to try their..." Read more

  • I was told that I would have to get another back surgery and that there was no hope for a herniated disc. I was diagnosed with arthritis of the spine, and degenerative bone disease (Osteoarthritis). I asked if there was anything I could to by changing my lifestyle and my diet, and they said there..." Read more

  • I woke up this morning and got out of bed, and nothing hurt. I do not hurt for the first time in three months. My cholesterol is below two-hundred, for the first time in my life. Everything else is great! Who do I have to thank for all of this? The Country Chiropractic Clinic! I have also been..." Read more

  • Chiropractic Care Saved My Kidney Read more

  • I came into this office about three months ago, with the diagnosis of Cirrhosis of the liver as well as cancer in the liver. Within three months I have lost over 40 pounds, and cancer in my liver has barely grown, and cancer in my pancreas is completely gone, and I no longer have diabetes. One..." Read more

  • Country Chiropractic Clinic Custom Orthotics Read more

  • In March, Alex was diagnosed with Low Platelets. She had a platelet transfusion, which should have fixed it, but it didn't work, and we had it done another time, but it had the same results, so we met with a different doctor, and he told us to put her on steroids, and it had the same results..." Read more

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  • Paul's Story Of Life Changing Care At Country Chiropractic Clinic Read more