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    One of the more frequent excuses for not exercising is that there is just not enough time in the day.  If you really want to be healthy then you are going to have to “make” time for exercise.  This is not... Read more

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    You were meant to move.  Every joint in your body is deeply imbedded with mechanoreceptors which constantly notify your brain when the joint is functioning properly.  You have muscles that rely on the... Read more

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    Just returned from a national convention on health care changes.  We discussed the new regulations coming with what many call Obamacare.  Each state is required to create a plan, a health exchange.  Good news, current... Read more

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    Maybe it will go away.

    How many times have you found yourself in pain and told yourself these words?  By saying these words, you are ignoring the signs.  The signals that your... Read more

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    Life constantly presents you with challenges.  It probably wouldn’t be a complete day with out having that phone call reminding you to have your children’s teeth checked, the dry cleaning hasn’t been... Read more

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    Chiropractic was founded by a man named Daniel David Palmer.  Those in the profession merely make reference to him as D.D. Palmer.  In the late 1800’s D.D. was an avid student of the human body and began... Read more

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    Preparedness is something that needs to be done daily. One never knows when a challenge, a storm, or a dangerous cliff is in our immediate future. Someone once said to survive these kinds of risks, we would need to have a... Read more

  • What Is Age Anyway?
    What Is Age Anyway?

    Only too often does one hear that their pain is just a result of old age.  Their time is up.  Your body is simply not going to allow you to do the things that you could do...when you were younger.  ... Read more