A Beautiful Garden And Your Health

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When it comes to gardening, weeds are a part of life.  They will come.  The best that you can do is to spend a little bit of time each and every day of the gardening season to pluck away at them.  It is definitely easier to pick the weeds every day rather than the option to simply allow them to go unchecked until they choke out the flowers or vegetables that you have been so anxiously anticipating.

The concept of weeds in a garden and how they will (not maybe) severely impact the life of the garden is a great example of how your health can be if it goes unchecked.  If you take your health for granted, if you neglect to eat nutritious food, move dynamically, and think extraordinary, then it is certain that the weeds of dysfunction and decay will strike you and impact your life in ways that you won’t enjoy.

However if you spend time every day nurturing and doing the things required to stay healthy, if you weed your garden, then you can reap the benefits of a healthy life.  You can have excessive energy to go through your day.  You can grow old and play with your grandchildren.  You can go for long walks in the evening with your spouse.  You can grow and thrive.

Weeding your garden is a great example of maintenance.  When it comes to health, work on it.  Weed.

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