A Women's Event That Fits Our Model Of Health!


Thinking well is part of a solid overall health plan.  When people lose their composure,  and have difficult emotional times,  their is always unintended consequences on their health.  It is so important that each of us chooses what we expose ourselves to,  so that thinking well and emotional health is part of our daily health plan.

There is a women's event coming up on September 6th of this year in Skagit County and it seems to meet all of our critieria of something healthy to do.  So we wanted to share that with you in this morning's blog.  My wife has heard the speaker before and was blessed by the information and moment.  She is looking forward to this upcoming event.  So,  if you are a woman that would like to be uplifted by spending a moment with other women,   this will be a wonderful event held at the Sedro-Woolley High School auditorium. (See below for details.)

Have a great week.  Dr. Martin


The newly formed women's ministry group, Women HAND in Hand, present Kim Meeder as the speaker for their first event on Thursday, September 6 at 6:30 PM at the Sedro-Woolley High School Auditorium.

Kim's life was torn apart at the early age of nine by her parent’s murder-suicide.  She has since chosen to rise above the pain and become a powerful influence in the lives of many disadvantaged youth.  On the day of her parent’s funeral, Kim experienced the special emotional comfort a horse could provide.  This healing refuge became the foundation for all that was to follow.  Through the love of a little mare and a merciful God, Kim's life was saved.

In 1995, Kim and her husband Troy co-founded Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch (CPYR) in Bend, Oregon.  This unique organization rescues abused and neglected horses and nurtures them back to health.  These same horses are then used in the ranch's riding program for children.  Approximately 85% of the children who come to CPYR are disadvantaged in some way.  The ranch focuses on individual instruction for each participant with one leader, one child and one horse . . . free of charge.

Kim Meeder has authored several awe-inspiring books--Hope Rising, Bridge Called Hope, Blind Hope, and Fierce Beauty.  She is also an accomplished speaker, and was featured on Dr. James Dobson's Focus on the Family becoming one of the top five shows in 2007.

In addition to her writing, speaking and duties at CPYR, Kim is also a gifted athlete.  She competed on a national level in Nordic ski racing, participated in the U.S. Olympic biathlon trials, has set two world records in power lifting, and climbed many of the highest peaks in Oregon, Washington and California.  If the sport will take Kim into the great outdoors, you will probably find her there!

Women of all ages are invited to hear Kim's amazing story and heartfelt message.  There is no charge, but a freewill offering will be taken.  For more information, go online to Women HAND in Hand facebook which also has a link to eventbrite.

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