Can't Or Will


You walk into a chiropractic office. You share about your pain and your problem. You want to know if this is the place where you might see the desired results, because you don’t like how your problem is affected every aspect of your life.

You know the care is likely going to cost you two very important commodities: time and money. It’s a given. What you have to do is your own internal audit of time and finances. You have to determine whether holding onto your problem is costing you more time and dollars than the care will require for you to regain your health.

You have to ask the question, “How important is your health?” You could simply define health as a state of well-being free from disease, but I will challenge you on this simplistic definition. I am going to suggest health is so much more…

It’s taking walks with your kids to the park. Lifting them over your head and swinging them around on a bright, warm sunny day. It’s getting home from work to go play fetch with the dog, throwing the tennis ball as far as you can. It’s having the energy, stamina and freedom of motion to keep the house clean and organized. It’s having focus and endurance to handle everyday work stresses that get thrown your way. It’s strapping on the ski boots and bouncing down the slopes, or even tying your laces to go for a long hike. It’s going out with friends for a last minute adventure on the town. And the list goes on.

What would you add to your definition of health? It’s so much more than just being out of pain.

So when your chiropractor takes the time to sit down and review your problem with you, whether it’s a review of your exam or x-ray findings, and to discuss a plan of care to help you regain your health, keep in mind your definition, your real definition of health. Not the simple and vague definition. Remember what striving for health ultimately means to you, and if you are tempted to say “I can’t do that because it might take too much time…or too much money…,” think of this childhood poem.

Two little men stood looking at a hill
One was named, Can’t and the other one was named Will.
Can’t said, “I never in the world can climb this hill.”
So there he is at the bottom of it still!
Will said, “I’ll get to the top because I will.”
Two little men are living by the hill,
At the bottom is Can’t, at the top is Will!

Be the person that will do what it takes to have health and all that means to you. 

Don’t be the person that can’t.

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