Change Of Heart


It is amazing what we can learn from children if we give them a chance. The other night, my wife shared that she had pulled out a winter comforter to place on our son’s bed because as the seasons change he’ll likely need a warmer cover.

When she took it out of storage and placed it on his bed, he protested by saying, “I don’t want that blanket. It’s going to be too cold!” Of course my wife knew he hadn’t a clue as to what he was talking about. He threw a fit and cried for a bit, not knowing the entire time that he was causing his own suffering. A few hours later it was time for his afternoon nap. With much behest he got under the covers and went to sleep.

He woke up two hours later and came out to join the family. After a few minutes, he went up to his mother and said, “By the way, I weally yike that blanket.” My wife smiled as she recounted the story. He had a change of heart.

As I hear that tale, I think of all the patients over the years that have come into the chiropractic office with their heels dug into the ground. For one reason or another, they had a notion that chiropractic was not for them.  It’s kind of like my son and his preconceived notion of the blanket on his bed.  He judged it before he even tried it. He thought he had it all figured out. Yet really when all was said and done, he had been basing his feelings on the fact that it was different than what he was used to.

I remember a 30 year retired nurse who shared during her initial consultation that she didn’t believe in chiropractic.  She said she was giving it a try because friends of hers insisted over and again that she should try it for her neck pain. She shared that she already had her neck pain figured out. Basically if she took this one medication every day then the pain stayed at a minimum. That is how she had “gotten by” for the last 30 years.

We took x-rays and evaluated her neck. Afterwards, we reviewed our findings with her and she chose to initiate care. She followed through with care for the first two weeks and then she missed a visit...then another. We called her and the conversation has been curious to us to this day.

She shared that after her most recent chiropractic adjustment, she had the first day without pain and medication in 30 years. She then said that the following day she proceeded to have the second day without pain and medication in 30 years. The third day she started to barely notice the pain coming back. It was because of this that she decided chiropractic just wasn’t working for her.


A change of heart doesn’t always happen. Sometimes change is too much for us to process. But sometimes, if you are willing to try something you’ve never done before, perhaps something amazing might happen and your life will be the better because of it.

It is amazing what we can learn from children if we give them a chance. 

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