Chiropractic: Good For Kids


I spoke with a mother of a wonderful kid the other day.  She was very honest and curious about chiropractic for her son. She shared that her son, probably around twelve years of age, complains about neck and back pain several times per week. She reasoned, “He’s a kid, how much pain could he possibly be in?”

Though that sentiment might seem harsh, I would never say she is a bad mother for thinking that. I would say that she is honest for expressing her thoughts on the matter. This is a subject that deserves some exposition.

I remember watching the pain my children experienced when they were teething. I watched as this tiny “bone” pushed itself out, tearing through flesh and sinew causing bleeding and tenderness until it popped through the skin and presented itself in its full glory. And that was only one tooth! The rest were still to come. It is part of life. I would make every attempt to soothe their gums with cold teething implements to ease the transition. I couldn’t take the pain away, but I could apply actions to help my child adapt.

Those same children will go through not just one but many growth spurts where their bones and muscles will stretch and pull, stressing growth plates and joints, responding to genetic material that lengthens them.  All the while they are playing and pushing their bodies through exploration and adventures that further strain, bruise, abuse, beat up, scar and thrash on these growing bodies. This is again a part of life. You can’t take the pain away, but you can help the children adapt. But how?

Chiropractic is beautiful for children in that it helps them to keep their joints in healthy alignment as they grow. This minimizes strain as they grow, explore, and attempt to injure themselves seemingly at every turn. On top of helping them adapt to the stresses of growing, keeping their spine and joints in healthy alignment also allows their burgeoning nervous and immune system to stay operating as well as possible. More times than not, it results in fewer infections, faster healing times, and healthier digestive systems.

Most chiropractic offices see children, and those parents who bring their kids in regularly – not just when lightning strikes – almost always feel like they have found a “secret weapon” that ends up being healthier for their budgets and their sanity.

As one parent shared with our office earlier this year, “We feel like we have saved so much time and suffering since we started coming for chiropractic care. Normally we would go to the emergency room for every illness or condition that would pop up, at least 2-3 times per year! Since we started chiropractic care, we call you first, and we haven’t gone to the ER since!” And she is a mother of nine!

It makes a difference in the lives of your children. It really does.

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