Do You Have A Strategy?

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Your health is not a game.  But like a game, it requires a strategy to succeed.  It is crucial that you have a plan that you can implement.  That plan should involve some level of eating better, more nutritious food.  It should involve some level of exercise and moving dynamic.  And it should also involve thinking extraordinary thoughts.

To have a strategy is to have a “plan of attack”.  A way of approaching what you are going to do and how you are going to accomplish it.  It requires goals and then doing whatever it takes to make those goals come to fruition.

The unfortunate truth is that so many people out there do not have a strategy for their health.  They merely go from day to day waiting for something to happen to them.  And when the pain or dysfunction happens then they seek temporary relief from someone, anyone.  Sometimes it comes in the form of a capsule.  This might be seen as a defense-only strategy.

Another way of looking at a strategy for your health is to go on the offensive.  Actively seek out ways to get and stay healthy.  What you will find is that prevention and maintenance of good health involves fruits and vegetables, exercise, and regular chiropractic care.  If those aren’t part of your plan then seek out people that can share more about these areas with you.

Once you have a plan, whether it’s with your nutrition, exercise, or chiropractic care, there is only one more things to do.

Stick to it.

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