Does Natural Health Care Really Work?


Does the body respond differently to whole, raw, fresh food, or are we better off with the synthetic, artificial, and chemicalized food?  Does  one medication lead to the need for another? Is it possible that one surgery could lead to another?

 The idea of results from natural health care for some of us it seems like an obvious answer.            

It was only a week ago, Lisa and I had the opportunity to visit sites in Boston and Philadelphia. The history was primarily from the Revolutionary War period.  Being naturally right wasn't so much a choice and consideration back then, it was just a way of life.  Farms and gardens and lots of walking and exercise.  So, how did they do?  Well, I started looking at headstones and museum walls and found that many of our founding fathers lived into their 70's and 80's.  I did this same kind of informal research years ago in England and Ireland looking at the time frame of  the 1500's and again found that people that were living off the land were enjoying fairly long lives, sometimes into their 100's.  I think there is good reason to believe that our ideas of natural care, great structural care,  raw plant-based diets, and lots of exercise and being outdoors in nature actually works.  For our patients that listen and learn and practice - they are growing older, without much need for medication or surgeries and staying active, alert, and happy.  They enjoy sleeping at night and having an appetite and energy during the day.  That's the way life should be lived!  Have a great week.  

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