Don’t Take It For Granted

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What do you value? Let’s list off a series of items you may possess and see if any off them are of value to you. 

Spouse. Kids. Marriage. Home. Family. Job. Integrity. Relationships. Friends. Recreations. Car. Teeth. Clothes. Life. Health. 

Anything listed there that perhaps you value? Chances are there are quite a few on that list that you hold very dear. And you likely found yourself depending on each one of those to be there when you woke up this morning.

My question for you is this: What will you do today to nurture it? The path of least resistance is to gradually assume it will always be there. But the truth is, it won’t. Degeneration, decay, disease, and death are constants in life and they can and will attack any area of your life if you don’t tend to it with frequency, intention, intensity, and passion.

You don’t have to go far to have conversations with people and hear of spouses going astray, kids rebelling, marriages separating, homes falling apart, jobs lost, integrity slipping, relationships ignored, friends neglected, recreations set aside, cars breaking down, clothes in disrepair, lives dwindling, and health fading.

My challenge to you this Thanksgiving season is this: seek out those things that are most important to you and write them down. These are the things you are thankful for. Then right next to each one, write down some action steps you will take to be intentional about nurturing them. And then place your list somewhere you can see it with frequency so you are reminded to do that action step monthly, weekly, or even daily with intensity and passion.

Examples of actions steps could be date nights with your spouse, walks with the kids, new home improvement projects, being more focused at work, being honest with yourself and others, calling past friends to check on them, revisiting your favorite past recreation, getting your car a tune-up, making healthy choices and tending to the appointments and activities that create better health for you.

This is the season to really celebrate a time of gratitude and becoming truly thankful for all that you have. Make every effort to make sure that what you value most isn’t taken for granted.

The effort is always worth it.

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