Going Up The Down Escalator


A few years ago a patient came into the office and shared a wonderful analogy that I will never forget.  He said it occurred to me that health is like going up the down escalator.  We asked him to explain further.  I had a feeling that I was going to like where this was going.  He went on...

“If you aren’t doing anything to promote your health on a regular basis then you are not moving on the escalator therefore the escalator is moving you down.  If you are doing just a little bit on a regular basis regarding your health then you might be staying right where you are at on the escalator.  Yet, if you work hard at being healthy on a regular basis then you are very likely to move up to a higher level on the escalator.”

It is important to remember that health is not static.  It doesn’t stay in one place.  So remember the story of the escalator and then think about the choices that you make today with your time and your resources.  Are you working hard at your health?  Because if you aren’t then getting unhealthy is the default.  Moving down the escalator is the only option.

One extreme is to do nothing with your health, take it for granted, get to the bottom, and get off the ride.  The other option is working hard to get near the top and then working to stay there.  Keep in mind that there is no getting to the top and resting on this escalator.  That is not an option.  It’s just how it works.

Thanks for the analogy, Rod.

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