It’s All In Your Genes...Or Is It?


Your genes get all lot of flack.  You don’t have to look very far to see or hear people blaming their genes for all of their problems and conditions.  Or even health professionals explaining that you will get cancer, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, etc. because your grandparents had that illness.  You have officially been stripped of anything to do with your health because you have your future conditions programed into your DNA.  Let’s challenge this notion.

It is actually very likely that your grandparents passed onto their children eating styles, work ethic, personal hygiene, ideas on exercise, and general everyday well as their DNA.  All of these other areas have a huge impact on one’s health.  With the ever increasing availability of “easy foods” or processed food and sedentary lifestyles, it increases the likelihood of degenerative factors leading to expression of these destructive disease-ridden plans within your DNA blueprint.

Keeping that in mind, you do have a choice.  You can make better choices regarding your health than you were taught, either directly through your parents and grandparents, or indirectly through friends or neighbors throughout your life.  To blame your genes and your genes alone absolves you of a critical component that we all must hold onto; responsibility.

Take responsibility for your choices.  Be proactive.  Take steps to work your health and your life through a preventative healthy lifestyle.  Embody the concepts of eating nutritious, moving dynamic, and thinking extraordinary.

Ask yourself if you are getting multiple servings of raw fruits and vegetable everyday.  Ask yourself if you are making at least thirty minutes of exercise available to yourself each day.  Ask yourself if you are watching your posture and keeping your regular chiropractic visits on schedule.

And then ask yourself if you have the power to make a better life for yourself than your “blueprint” has to offer.  You do.

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