Just Can’t Make It Today


Life constantly presents you with challenges.  It probably wouldn’t be a complete day with out having that phone call reminding you to have your children’s teeth checked, the dry cleaning hasn’t been picked up yet, that one room still needs to get painted, and you have to return that movie before the store closes.  That on top of the never predictable weather and the occasional family emergency, how can you ever hope to stay on task?

It is times like that when you have to make the on-the-fly calls about what is important.  You have to prioritize.  This is the moment to make decisions on what will allow you to be most efficient.  Here’s the challenge.  What is it that you possess that allows you to take on any of these activities without fault?  Here’s the hint.  It’s not money, time, resources, or even relationships.  Here’s the answer.  It’s your health.

It is only when you have lost the ability to be healthy that all other tasks fall to the wayside.  For that reason alone, being healthy and making healthy choices is paramount in your being able to do the activities and tasks that you want and need to do.  One of those activities means scheduling and making your chiropractic appointments.

If you are a chiropractic patient then you have undoubtedly had a “report of findings” with you doctor where it was shared with you not only what was wrong, but steps required to return your health to as near normal as possible.  Whatever type of care that you chose to do, it’s important that you follow through.  It’s like building a brick wall.

If you are building a brick wall, you have your project visualized.  You have the mortar mixed.  You have the set amount of bricks that you need to lay down.  You have your tools.  Now you begin.  It is important...no...crucial that as you lay mortar down and the bricks to follow that you are systematic about it.  Once the mortar is laid down it will set and if there is too much time between that and the next brick then it could affect the outcome.  It may affect how you visualized this wall.

When it comes to your chiropractic care, have a plan, and then follow through.  It is completely understandable that distractions come up, so if you have to cancel a visit, schedule a make-up visit that week in order to not lose your pace.  It could have an affect on your outcome.  Even your chiropractor would love it if one brick would build the wall, but often it takes more.  That is why having a plan and staying on task is crucial to your success.

After all this is your wall...your health that you are building.  Give yourself the opportunity to succeed.  Schedule your appointments in advance.  Cancel only if absolutely necessary, and make-up those missed appointments quickly.  Make your health the priority and it will allow you the ability to tackle the rest.

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