Maintain Hope


Christmas, the season of hope is now behind you. The toys are finding their place in the closets and storage spaces. The books are being placed on the bookshelf. The decorations will soon come off the tree and the window sills and the fireplace and go back into storage until next year. Whatever you do though, don't put away your hope. Keep it out. Use it everyday. Let it inspire you. Read the following story and see what's possible as you contimplate the resolutions that you set forth for the coming year...

"Several years ago a patient shared that they finally wanted to make a commitment to “us”. There was confusion at her statement. She then further shared that it’s been mentioned for years in this office that the most ideal ongoing level of care to help a person stay well when it comes to their health and spinal integrity is ongoing care at a frequency of once every two weeks. And that she was going to make a commitment to that level of care at the start of the New Year, to see the difference that it could make in her health, because up until that time her care was solely when “pain” would strike.

She was reminded that the commitment that she was indeed speaking of shouldn’t be made to “us” more so than it should be made to “herself”. Once that was described, it made a great deal of sense to her. She made the commitment and even more importantly, she stuck to it.

The first year she diligently came in faithfully, to herself, every two weeks. Same time. Same day. Every visit scheduled before she left the office. Her reasoning for following through with her chiropractic care subtly changed over that first year. She rarely, if ever, came in with the sharp pain and numbness that usually struck her from time to time, that required daily care for a few weeks to “patch up”. Instead she would mention more subtle nuances that would arise in the last week or many times she would even share that there was no pain at all, but she was going to stay on track with her care.

This continued for several years.

Just a few months ago, she was asked if she remembered making that decision years earlier. She did. She was then asked where she thought she might be if she decided otherwise years ago with the commitment that she made to herself. She expressively replied “I’d be in a wheelchair!”

Truth is, it will never be known if she would have been in a wheelchair without the care that she received, but it would be true, without fault, that she would not have experienced the level of health that she has experienced in the last several years without her spinal care. That made a difference. She made a huge difference in her life.

That is a true story, yet more people than not, will not take the time to perform a very necessary component to their health. Commit to it. You see there is a great experiment that you participate in when it comes to your health every day, and you are either creating your environment or you are simply enduring your environment. If you choose to commit to your health, you will reap the rewards. If you don’t, you will reap the consequences. It really is that simple.

A New Year is quickly approaching. It always is. Will you be healthier by the end of it, or not? The choice has always been yours to make. As always, the doors of your chiropractic clinic will be open for you, to provide relief to the hurt and the suffering and to help the elite few that desire to stay healthy and moving to simply...stay healthy and moving."

Whatever you do, don't put away your hope.

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