Maintenance - a life of healthy habits!


Isn't maintenance what we do on a daily basis -- whether good or bad?!  Regardless of what we think, our body only understands what we do!

If you think chiropractic and joint care doesn't make sense, you will attempt to live a life with all kinds of joint damage and neurologic message confusion and your health will be seriously impacted.  Imagine how altered your life would be if you had lots of food allergies, or headaches, or chronic pain.  What you think is that a "real" doctor has a white coat, a stethoscope, and a prescription pad.  The best you ever do is suppressing your symptoms and never do things that give your body a chance to get healthy.

At Country Chiropractic Clinic and Averio Health Institute, we teach daily about maintenance - how to eat a plant-based diet, how to alkalize, how to mineralize, how to exercise, how to sleep properly at night, what a proper pillow looks like, and mostly what it means to have a joint and nervous system that is as near normal as possible.   There are many healthy, daily maintenance things a person can do.  How are you doing?

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