Make The Time

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One of the more frequent excuses for not exercising is that there is just not enough time in the day.  If you really want to be healthy then you are going to have to “make” time for exercise.  This is not optional to being healthy, this is essential to being healthy.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine 30 minutes of moderately intense cardiovascular workout five day per week needs to be a part of that plan.  That can be established by simply walking, one of the most under-rated exercises out there.

Many people don’t feel like walking can make an impact towards maintaining good health, but it certainly can.  You don’t need a gym membership, you just need access to outside your front door and a direction.  Walk in that direction for 15 minutes and then turnaround and go home.  Done.  You have just established a 30 minute walking routine and done something great for your health.  This is even an activity that you can bring the spouse and children with as well.  There is no reason not to strengthen the family by having that time to talk and build healthy habits together.

A few details.  When you walk, try and be intentional about a few healthy habits of walking.  Work your upper body along with your lower body.  Swing your arms.  It doesn’t have to be crazy strenuous, just a normal cross-crawl pattern with your feet.  That means when your right leg is forward, your left arm is forward and then the opposite side.  This should be a normal walking motion for most, but it is crucial for neurological integrity.  That means it is good for your brain.  What is good for your brain is good for your health.  

We haven’t even mentioned some of the things that can be helped by walking.  But that list is lengthy and includes things like sleeping better, builds relationships, eases the mind, manages weight, helps blood pressure, decreases risk of heart attack, build’s “good” cholesterol, lowers risk of stroke, reduces risk of breast cancer, reduces risk of type 2 diabetes, lengthen lifespan, strengthen muscles, and increase sense of one’s well-being.

It is a healthy habit to pursue.  Make the time.  You’ll be glad you did.

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