Power Of Imagination


On a past trip to Disneyland, my family had the opportunity to watch a laser light/pyrotechnic demonstration entitled “Fantasmic.”  In this 20 minute show, the audience is taken into the imagination of Mickey Mouse as he imagines happiness and love. Then the forces of evil attempt to invade Mickey’s imagination with shows of terror and destruction.  Near the end of the show, Mickey is reminded that this is his imagination and he has control over it no matter what the outside influences may be.  The show ends with a triumphant display of good over the destructive forces of evil in an amazing finale of fireworks and water sprayed into the sky.

There is probably no one in recent history as capable to bringing their imagination to life as Walt Disney.  It you think about it, at some point Walt Disney was perusing a huge acreage of land in Anaheim, California, that was most likely rough open terrain and envisioned a castle—Sleeping Beauty’s castle—surrounded by other lands and rides.  He further envisioned that people would likely come from all over the world to visit this attraction.  He did it.  He invested a great deal of time and money into the project and to this day, Disneyland thrives.

When it comes to your health, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to be bombarded from every side with advice on how to be healthy.  My advice?  Always think natural first.  Nature works just fine if it is not impeded or influenced by the whims of modern man.  Natural things such as fruits and vegetables, exercise, and chiropractic care are all healthy options.  And above all don’t forget to start the process of imagining.

Have you begun to imagine what it would be like to have a disease-free life full of energy and activity?  By visualizing where you want to go, you provide the self-motivation necessary to help yourself to follow through with the healthy choices you make.  Walt Disney made a paradise out of a barren piece of land.  Do as Mickey did, and recall the reality that this is your life and you have control over it no matter what the outside influences may be. You too can make something extraordinary out of your life by committing to the steps required to making a healthier you.

Imagine that.

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