Showing Signs Of Weakness?


Every once and a while, a patient will come by the office after having an accident or injury that left them in a precarious position. Their injury has left them with some sign of distress, a limp or bad posture that lets the world know that they are hurting.  They’re showing a sign of weakness.

So they arrive at the chiropractor’s office and receive an evaluation. They receive a report of the findings and are given a choice. “Do you want to patch your problem or do you attempt to fix it to as near normal as possible?”

Just recently a patient was given that choice and chose the option that would keep them in the office for the shortest amount of time as possible. The reason? “Because I just don’t go to doctors.” 

Interesting reason. It almost implies that they believe they’re part of a species of human with immunity to pain or injuries, sickness or colds. Now, if you have a brain and a spine and engage in activities of any sort, it makes sense to say that injuries will happen. Sure, going to your chiropractor means you recognize the need for care from someone who might know more about how the human body works than you do, and hopefully you can realize that’s okay. That’s what your chiropractor goes to school for, to learn how your body functions and understand how to make structural corrections when it’s not.

On the flipside, imagine someone with a leaky toilet that is spilling over with every flush stating “I just don’t call plumbers.” It’s what plumbers know best.  Why wouldn’t you call?  Or maybe your house is burning down and you state, “I just don’t call firefighters.” Bye-bye house.

If you are injured in a car accident or on the job, at home or at play, there is a good chance that structurally you are messed up. Something is wrong. Don’t look at going to a professional—in this case your chiropractor—as a sign of weakness.

Better yet, you should look at regular visits to your chiropractor in seasons of injury as purely the opposite. It’s not about being weak.  Being weak is suffering with ongoing pain or ongoing problems with joints and/or a spine that aren’t working as well as they should.

Seeing your chiropractor is about you being strong, about you proactively doing what it takes to have joints and a spine that empower you to take on the world and all the adventures it holds.

Whatever you do, don’t show signs of weakness. Don’t be the type to avoid your chiropractor because you’re afraid of what your friends or family might think it means. Teach them the truth. You work so much better when you are working at your best.

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