Stuck On A Mountain Road


Before it is forgotten...

A patient just two days ago shared that his daughter was travelling on some nearby mountain roads when the unthinkable happened. Her vehicle got stuck. The elevation was such that there was snow on the ground and her only option for safety was walking by foot seven miles back to a habitable road where she could be seen by a passerby.

To add insult to injury apparently there was some windstorms with further snowfall that evening that brought trees down as well as made the mountain road even more treacherous. He shared that it took four days and nearly 30 individual's help with chainsaws and large equipment to help his daughter get her vehicle back home.

In the telling of this story, he shared his gratitude of the spinal care that he's recieved in the last several years. How two of those days he was able to spend hours on the road walking and helping to recover the trapped and destitute vehicle. Years before he started his spinal care and the maintaining of good spinal health that he couldn't have even considered it. He was grateful for his good health allowing him to be able to help those that he loved.

This is a pretty deep concept when it comes to health. Because truth is, people often find themselves walking into a chiropractic office because their body has been broken down or gotten stuck and they are seeking the right people to help them out of the troubled spot that they are in. These tragedy moments can strike us at any time, at any time.

What's special is those with the ability or desire to help those in need. You see, it's one objective to merely get help for yourself and one other objective entirely when you realize that taking good care of yourself allows you to take care of those that you care about. 

And as this patient stated at the end of his grateful story, "I just wish that I could convince my firends that it makes so much more sense to get their (spinal) adjustments more regularly when they don't hurt, than only coming when it hurts!"

For you the reader, listen to his message. Taking care of your health allows you to help those you love.

It's a very special concept indeed.

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