The Danger Of Doing Nothing!


We had a patient in the clinic this morning that shared he has been to three funerals in the last two weeks.  In each case,  the person passed was retired for less then one year.  In each case,  they had no hobbies, recreation or work they chose to do.  In each case,  sitting and watching television was the primary activity.  In other words,  doing nothing.

Is there a danger in doing nothing?

It is easy to ask people what they did do, But it is difficult to ask people what they didn't do.  

Just let it be said that life is meant to be lived.  And it is lived best by those that work at staying healthy.  Keep your joints healthy and you will be able to keep moving.  As wonderful as many medical procedures are,  people that practice regular chiropractic habits, use less drugs, need less surgeries and live more active, energetic lives.

Have a great week and don't make your list of things not done... too long.

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