The Five Most Dangerous Words


Maybe it will go away.

How many times have you found yourself in pain and told yourself these words?  By saying these words, you are ignoring the signs.  The signals that your body is telling you in the form of pain or dysfunction.  It could be a headache, or shoulder pain, back pain, constipation, or other signs or symptoms.  When you have a sign or symptom of something going wrong and you say the five most dangerous words, you are in essence saying there isn’t an underlying problem.  It’s not important.  When the pain is gone, so is the problem.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you see smoke coming from a house window, you don’t say these words.  If you hear a thud and hear a baby crying, you don't say these words.  And if you taste something wrong in your meal you reheated, you definitely don’t say those words.  If you did in any of those scenarios, it could mean disaster.

When you start to exhibit pain or dysfunction, pay attention.  Your choices are to ignore and let an underlying problem get worse, and it will, or to seek appropriate care to define the problem.  If there is an underlying problem causing that pain, it is almost a scientific guarantee that it will worsen with time.  And if your problem involves a vertebral subluxation or irritation on your nerves causing that pain then there isn’t a pill, potion, lotion, massage, physical therapy, or amount of waiting that can address the issue as your chiropractor can.

Remember.  Your nervous system controls every function of your body.  If you aren’t working right or you have pain, your first line of defense should be your chiropractor.  Next time you are hurting instead of saying those five most dangerous words letting a bad problem get worse, call your chiropractor.

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