Understanding Momentum


There is a boulder in your way.  Your desire is to get to a point beyond the boulder, but you can’t go around the boulder.  You can’t circumvent it.  The only way is to move the boulder.  You going to have to put your back into it, because from this vantage point the boulder is extremely intimidating.  It is massive and huge and you swear to yourself that it looks bigger each new glance that you take towards it.  Your committed to your goal.  Move the boulder, because it’s the only way to get to your destination.  Your back is firmly against the large stone.  Your legs are planted.  It’s firm footing.  Push.

Ok.  That first push was a little weak based on your only indicator.  The boulder hasn’t moved an inch.  You push again.  And again...and again.  Finally after much sweat and tears, you look down to see that your effort has paid off.  there is a line in the sand where the boulder used to be.  You are moving the boulder!  With renewed vigor you push again with great effort, and this time you actually feel the huge rock move with your guidance.

This continues to improve until finally the large boulder that was impossible to move is now moving, and in the direction that you wanted to go.  Now this is important.  Now that the boulder is moving, you find that you don’t have to expend as much energy as you initially did.  Some of the time the boulder is actually moving itself in the right direction.  It has momentum.

At this point you could stop pushing the boulder all together, but it will return to a stop.  If it does, it will require the same initial incredible effort that you put into moving it the first time.  If you really want to do all that over again.  The other option is to continue to apply effort on a periodic basis.  It won’t take as much work now that it has momentum.

If you are training for a marathon.  If you are working on losing weight.  If you are trying to eat more nutritious.  If you are working past the loss of a loved one.  If you are trying to get your spine’s alignment to as near normal as possible...

Remember.  The initial effort is great.  The initial time invested is much.  The initial cost feels high.  Remember momentum.  You have the choice to return to where you were...or to maintain.

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