What Is Age Anyway?


Only too often does one hear that their pain is just a result of old age.  Their time is up.  Your body is simply not going to allow you to do the things that you could do...when you were younger.  

Please be assured that age is only a number.  How “old” you are depends entirely upon how you feel.  You could be eighteen years old with a torn up low back and be “feeling” ninety.  You can’t do anything and stuck in a bent over position.  Or you can be ninety and “feel” like your in your 30’s.  You have good range of motion.  You can walk and drive a car.  Make your own meals, and even play occasional football with the grandchildren.

Age is a number.  Feeling old can happen at any age.  The issue of “old age” is a term reserved for those that don’t take good care of their bodies.

Early 2008, we were introduced to an 89-year old gentleman with severe limited range of motion and pain in his neck and upper back.  Upon review of his x-rays and examination, he chose to attempt to return his spine to as near normal as possible through chiropractic care.  Six weeks later he walked into the office with pride, while demonstrating looking straight up at the ceiling.  When asked what that meant to him, he replied “I have been on sailboats and been sailing since I was four years old.  For the past three years I haven’t been able to sail any of my boats, because I haven’t been able to look up at the mast.  Now I can.  I am looking forward to getting back onto my boats.”

We called him recently and left a message to check up on him, since it’s been a while.  He sent a type-written letter in response.  It stated…

”I received your ‘phone message, but I don’t have ay problems and have a very busy schedule at the moment.  Just had a checkup with my medical doctors, first in 27 months.  They couldn’t find any thing wrong and said that I am getting healthier as I age.  My son said the Army will recall me to active duty as their bionic man.  I already proved that between March 1940 and April 1947, and I’m through with that bunch.  Their boats are no fun.  Hauled both boats to clean and paint the bottoms, replace the zincs, and a general inspection.  That’s done and both back afloat.  If you get a hankering to go for a sail, give a holler when the forecast looks good.  Windy and dry.  Seldom any wind on hot sunny days, and rain is no fun.”  Ray

At one time it was asked of Ray where his favorite destination was and his response was, “The destination is...sailing.”  Well said.  Enjoy the journey and whether you are taking care of your boats to keep them afloat or taking care of your body to be able to stay “younger” longer.  Take very good care.

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