What Is Holding You Up?


Recently, our staff took an excursion to a high ropes course. It was a great opportunity for team-building and seeing a different side of the people you’re with every day.

In this case the excursion was climbing 30 feet into the trees and then walking from tree to tree on obstacles such as high wires, plank bridges, logs and hanging ropes. There were even moments where we simply had to leap from a platform on one tree to a platform over on the next tree. It’s hard to imagine it, but you are safe through the entire course for no other reason than the fact that you’re attached at all times to a cable above your head that is capable of holding up to 5000 pounds!

Talk about support! Even if you were to slip and fall, you would not go very far because what’s holding you up is more than capable of keeping you from falling to your death on the forest floor three stories below. What helps you the most through the course is putting your faith and trust in your connection to that wire.

When it comes to your health, do you know what’s holding you up?  I can tell you. It’s your posture through your spine and the postural muscles that support it. Your spine houses and protects your nervous system, which if kept healthy with no interference, is more than capable of keeping you healthy and on your feet no matter where you go in life.

And what is your best resource at keeping your spine healthy?

You guessed it. Your chiropractor. He or she has the training to help keep your spinal joints in healthy motion and alignment to allow your underlying nervous system to stay healthy and strong enough to keep your immune system healthy, digestive system healthy, cardiovascular system healthy, internal organs happy...you name it.  There is nothing in your body that your nervous system doesn’t have an impact on.

So always keep in mind what is holding you up. Are you taking good care of your spine and joints? Slips and falls will happen in life. They just do. Is your lifeline strong enough for the challenge?  Or are your traipsing through life without a safety harness?

If it’s been a while since you had your safety line checked, or in this case your spine, I guess there is only one question left.

What’s holding you up? 

My suggestion? Pick up the phone and call your chiropractor.

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