Who’s Got Your Back?

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You have all seen the movies and the depictions of the infamous Secret Service agents that are placed in charge of protecting the President.  You have seen the images of them running along cars, huddled around who they are protecting, and even putting one hand to their earbud clearly communicating to the other agents about the status of events.

Keep in mind a few key points.  They are doing their job best when they are in the background constantly there and constantly working.  They are also doing their jobs well when they are not smothering the President so much so that he isn’t able to perform his duties...running the entire country.

You could almost say that the job of a Secret Service agent is a thankless job, but also a very crucial one.  Without their protection, the President cannot do his job well.

Your spine can be compared to the Secret Service agents.  Depending on it’s motion and position, it is constantly protecting the nervous system from insult or injury.  You see, the nervous system in your body controls everything in your body, your individual country.  When it isn’t being protected well, then it is open to dysfunction.  That is when not merely can you have pain, but more importantly, something in your body isn’t working right.

It is crucial that your spine not be taken for granted.  Take the necessary steps to keep it healthy.  It has such an important role throughout your entire life and it has one important difference from the Secret Service agents...

It can never be replaced.

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