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  • I came into this office about three months ago, with the diagnosis of Cirrhosis of the liver as well as cancer in the liver. Within three months I have lost over 40 pounds, and cancer in my liver has barely grown, and cancer in my pancreas is completely gone, and I no longer have diabetes. One..." Read more

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  • In March, Alex was diagnosed with Low Platelets. She had a platelet transfusion, which should have fixed it, but it didn't work, and we had it done another time, but it had the same results, so we met with a different doctor, and he told us to put her on steroids, and it had the same results..." Read more

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  • I had a tumor the size of a grapefruit. The M.D's wanted to just cut it out. The Doctors at The Country Clinic told me they thought they could help. They proceeded to help me change my diet and provided me with the tools that I needed in order to be able to have a 100% recovery - proper..." Read more

  • “I heard about Country Chiropractic Clinic from some co-workers. I have had problems with my back since I was a teenager. I don’t recall any specific injury to my back, and I don’t remember having problems lifting things. I do pretty much anything I really want to do, but I have always had a hard..." Read more