A Season Of Change - National Healthcare.

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Just returned from a national convention on health care changes.  We discussed the new regulations coming with what many call Obamacare.  Each state is required to create a plan, a health exchange.  Good news, current regulations should include Chiropractic.

It is always exciting to get more information about how the natural approach of Chiropractic could help save the health care system.  Over 60% of all visits to doctors are for back and neck pain, headaches, joint problems and chronic pain.  Chiropractic is safe and excellent in all those conditions.  Around the country the gradual use of Chiropractic is occuring.  One hospital put a Chiropractor as a gate keeper on back problems and the use of back surgeries went down 90%.  This saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and created better outcomes for the injured patient.

You may wonder why it takes so long for hospitals and medical facilities to change and bring Chiropractic alongside?

While gone, I met Jeff Hayes, a hollywood producer who's most recent product is a documentary called 'Doctored'.  It is a passionate, historical presentation of how our current health care system has developed.  In the next year, each and everyone of you should watch this movie.

Our seasons change, health care will change and even your health changes.  The choice is always will it get better or worse.  As for national health care, only time will tell, but the 240 pages of the Affordable Care Act will result in almost 250,000 pages of rules.  None of us know how that will play out, but we as Chiropractors will work to try and make it as good as possible.

As for your personal health, you do have more say so on that.  It doesn't take reading a quarter million pages of rules.  It does take a simple, natural plan that you practice daily.  Great exercise and great nutrition all practiced in a body that is in good alignment and balanced.   

Have a great week.

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