Seeing The Unseen


You can't see the wind, but you can see the kite flying in the sky. You can experience faith, but again it is hard to see, to put your hands on.

In a Chiropractic office, how does one see all the health problems that don't exist because this group of people are practicing a natural health care option that allows them to live their lives healthier.

It's easy to see health problems. You can easily see sickness, a person coughing, sneezing, dragging a leg that is in pain, but how do you see that which doesn't exist.

During the middle of winter people are asked to look around our clinic when it is full of people to look closely for the runny noses or red eyes, the sickness of the season. Something that would be common in a medical office that time of year.

Are some people just lucky with their health or is there is real benefit from choices made concerning how each of us care for our health?

Attempt to see the unseen. Look closely. Why is it that people who practice taking care of their joints don't need as many drugs? Why are people who seek chiropractic still able to be active and do things like when they were younger? Why?   

Once you clearly see the unseen, then making the effort of regular care becomes easy.

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