Sleep - Just How Important?

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We never know when another AHA moment happens and how quickly we learn from those times.

It was in 2012 that when making a house call on a young cancer patient that testing of her bed revealed that she was experiencing a significant reaction to her bed, even though this was a new quality mattress.   She was taken off that mattress that evening and within a week, her cancer had improved by 50%.  Even though we had looked at sleep and mattresses in the past for pain, energy and recuperation issues, it had not occurred that organic diseases migh be effected by issues surrounding sleep and mattresses.

This moment increased our study of sleep.  We understood the mechanical issues of pressure relief related to a  mattress and the use of a proper pillow is very important.  But could the materials themselves be a factor?  Could chemicals and off gassing have ill effects on a persons health.

As our research continued, we began to look into organic and chemical-free beds.  We also looked at new technology of that would affect mechanical pressures also.  For many years we have been taking people to the bed stores and testing them on all the common commercial products.  Finding the right bed was most helpful.  But sometimes we would test them on 20 or 30 different mattresses until we could find even one that was best for them.

For 2013,  we have gotten far enough into our research that we now have opened up our own organic and natural sleep center.  We have beds from Intellibed and The Wool Company in our sleep center.  If you would like to come and see these beds and try them out and get tested on them, this may be a  way to dramatically improve your health, your energy and how you feel.    

We will open the sleep center and test people every Monday evening right after our 6pm health class.

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